• Stellar strength

    Inspired by the advent of space tourism and high performance space equipment, the premium Kozmos collection employs magnesium alloy components to pioneer new standards of ultralight strength.

  • All weather

    Featuring new weatherproofing technology specifically designed for stress-free travel in the rain or snow, the stylishly minimal Nimbus Collection is the world’s first rain-ready suitcase.

  • Advance hybridity

    An incredibly minimal structure packed with thoughtful detailing and practical features, the Exos I Collection is an intelligent design that doesn’t compromise utility for weight.

    EXOS I
  • Advance hybridity

    Featuring a remarkable combination of a PP frame, PC shells and a nylon zipper, the Exos II Collection redefines ultralight luggage expectations by offering an unprecedented  level of rigidity and protection.

  • Cubic style

    Exhibiting a beautiful interplay of linear forms, this icon of style nonetheless possesses incredible utility in the form of a truly maximized interior volume paired with a uniquely secure, three-point interlock closure system.

  • What's your color?

    Innovative Advance PP™, this super polypropylene is able to maintain its impact resistance even in low temperature unlike all the old pp suitcases. Wide selection of colours, large volume capacity, super-sized trolley handle and light weight, this all rounder is sure to fulfill every mission.

  • Built to last

    A stylish, fun and colorful PP™ injection case that will be sure to draw attention your way, whether you like it or not.Made using our latest Advance PP™ aterial to maximize strength while retaining flexibility. Unlike old PP materials,the Octa won’t produce white scuff marks when encountering impact and it is built to withstand low temperatures.

  • Only 1.95 KG

    Our lightest offerings from the collection, Wave is a super lightweight luggage with careful structure engineering and our Advance PC™ creates its superb weight/strength ratio.Enjoy this hustle free traveling experience.

  • Rock n' Go!

    The concept behind the collection is to have each size with different settings: cabin integrated with a case-in-case compartment for easy access to the laptop/ipad, medium size with expansion to suit the frequent traveler or mid-range travel, and large size with a simplified and lightweight design for family travel. The ambition is to fit all types of travelers in one collection.

  • Groove

    Made of 100% Makrolon® polycarbonate and super-strength aluminium frame structure, this no-fuss eye candy certainly makes an entrance. Large capacity,light weight and wide range of colors to get your groove on.

  • Colorful

    Made of 100% Makrolon® polycarbonate. Ultra-feather weight and large capacity,this Groove collection is aimed to fulfill every fashion monster's adventures. Choices of pastel colors ensure your trip is as colorful as your luggages.

  • Inspired versatility

    Conceived as the ultimate in versatility,this all-rounder is lightweight, durable and comes with all the essential features to match the challenges of any type of journey.


    Expansion system,Double coil zippers, Convenient TSA lock system......


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