Selection Guide

It's Simple

We aim to make it easy to find the right Lojel for your adventures. Simply choose a style and size that matches your travel style.


We design simply, for how people actually dress and travel. Each style category offers a unique approach.

Matches streetwear, casual clothing, and the unrestrained traveler. This category emphasizes colorful chic. Think adventure with ease.

Just like your snappy blazer, this category effortlessly and stylishly works for leisure and business. Designed to move smoothly with you in both spheres.

With sharp design details to show well for business or grand occasions, the Luxe collection is ideal for your formal and polished side.

Whether for coasting down the highway or exploring new boroughs, our Urban collection is the perfect city companion for metropolitan explorers.

Luggage Sizing

We make luggage in four sizes – each suiting a particular type of journey: All sizes are designed to meet common size allowances, applying to most – but not all – airlines. (To be sure, check your carrier’s regulations.)

We’ve given some guidance below—just choose the type of travel you’re doing and you’ll know what you need.

up to 3 days

Perfect for:
• Weekend getaways
• Short business trips
• Convenient carry-on for most airlines
• Transporting books or samples

up to 7 days

Perfect for:
• Spontaneous trips abroad
• Weeklong business trips
• Long weekends for two

more than 7 days

Perfect for:
• Moving to a new city
• Shopping trips
• Storing out-of-season clothes
• Taking a continental tour

weeks or months

Perfect for:
• Heavy duty packing
• Storage in car, bus, train, or boat
• Cross-country train journeys
• Extended buying or product sourcing trips