A City of Contrasts by Tibo

During our most recent lookbook shoot in Marrakesh, we invited our creative collaborators to write on their experience while in Morocco. Working out of Antwerp, Belgium, Tibo was inspired by the beauty that hides in plain sight—“the poetry in the ordinary,” as he puts it. Take a moment to read below and experience a series of Marrakesh moments as seen through his personal photographs.

  As a photographer, I get to travel a lot. I’ve visited mostly Europe for all kind of projects; always with a purpose, but Morocco was something new.  What I heard about the city couldn’t prepare me for what I was going to see, taste, experience, or discover… Marrakesh is a vibrant city with amazing colors, and everything is built on contrast. The sharp corners of the walls meet curvilinear porticoes; the light and dark areas in the same streets; the saturated, vivid colored nature yielded by the arid climate. Everything around me was worth shooting. And so I did. As you walk in the streets of the Medina, you immediately feel the life of the city: lots of noises, motorbikes rushing in the small alleys, people shouting to sell you whatever you might need (or most of the time don’t need)… To enter, a few steps away from that busy crowd, into a beautiful garden, where you feel so peaceful you can’t believe you are in the same place. The sun is hot, everywhere you can smell a sweet perfume, and wherever you look there is only beauty to be seen. El Badi Palace ruins caught my attention in a very special way: even the ruins were still telling how magnificent that place used to be. I walked around for close to 2 hours and returned the day after just to get more pictures. The light in there was very interesting, and the colors were beautiful. During the whole trip, I had been using my Urbo 2 backpack. It was very convenient for storing my camera lenses and battery packs; some water, my passport, and other small things I take with me wherever I go—thanks to the different pockets. Everything was really easy to reach whenever I needed, which was great for quickly pulling out the perfect lens to capture a shot. We also went for a day trip to Ouarzazate, and that was probably my favorite part of our trip.  Once you exit the city, you find yourself in the desert but surprisingly soon after in the Atlas mountains; and within the span of a couple hours, you are met with all kinds of nature, weather, colors, and light … I couldn’t believe my eyes. The beauty was absolutely everywhere. Everything is covered in sand, and when the wind joins the party, it gives an already amazing landscape a beautiful natural filter.

Written and photographed by Tibo DS. Find Tibo on Instagram.