The versatile bag for daily explorers
Tago is a go-anywhere, ready for anything travel bag. Simple and modern, Tago has versatility that’s perfect for daily exploration. The seams lie flat for packing in a case, and provide body and structure when out and about. Hanging pouch holds ID or transit cards, and secret side pocket allows you to access essentials (cell phone, wallet, or passport) while still wearing the bag.

Tago bags are made from Polamo 9D, a durable, high grade polyester with a brushed finish for extra softness. Two backpack sizes easily accommodate laptops or tablets with a padded sleeve, and have cleverly designed interior pouches for key items. The bright inside helps you quickly reach contents; the water repellent exterior protects them. Tote handles allow quick pick-up, and trolley sleeve fits your Lojel cases for effortless air travel. Choose a solid color or contrasting color block style.
Polamo 9D Icon
The long lasting, pure polyester

• 100% 900D Polyester
• Uniquely soft feel
• Superior durability
• Resists dirt and wear
• Repels water
• Interior laptop compartment (13'')
• Multiple interior pockets
• Roomy front compartment
• Detachable hanging pouch
• Secret side pocket
• Trolley sleeve, tote handles
CITY (Small) | 38 x 28 x 12.5 cm | 15 x 11 x 4.9 in
TRAVEL (Large) | 43 x 30 x 15 cm | 17 x 11.8 x 6 in
CITY (Small) | 0.4 kg | 0.9 lbs
TRAVEL (Large) | 0.5 kg | 1.1 lbs
CITY (Small) | 13 L | 812 in³
TRAVEL (Large) | 20 L | 1220 in³
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At Lojel we make travel goods to last—and a little maintenance after long journeys helps to increase that longevity.
Repairs and Warranty

Repairs and Warranty

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