CASUAL lookbook 2017

Matching streetwear, casual clothing, and the unrestrained traveler. This category emphasizes colorful chic and adventure with ease.

Groove 2 – 3 sizes and 3 color choices. Distinctive forms and colors with aluminum frame. Learn more

Groove 2 – Convenient inter-locking mechanism. Learn more

The perfect match with our Octa 2 and Groove 2 collection.

Octa 2 – Comes in medium and large size, with 5 color choices. Learn more

Vita – 3 sizes and 7 unique color choices. Learn more

Vita – For the long haul, pack up to 117 L capacity. Learn more

Rando – 3 sizes, 4 colors and 2 versions: double coil zipper OR aluminium frame. Learn more

Rando – Timeless design for the minimalist traveler. Learn more